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Testes de Usabilidade em TREG: avaliando um jogo de treinamento no Second Life

TREG is a training game which simulates various activities in software requirements workshop technique based on the book “Requirements by Collaboration”. It was developed in Second Life, a virtual world that gives the possibility to create an immersive collaborative educational experience. This study evaluated TREG using the usability metrics for games: interface, game mechanisms and… Continue reading →

Training in Requirements by Collaboration: Branching Stories in Second Life

Training by playing is believed to be an effective strategy for learning. Training games combine educational and technological techniques that help learners to get involved, collaborate and learn in a practical and interactive way.Collaboration is inherent to software requirements elicitation which involves customers, users and developers to achieve an overall goal. In this article, a… Continue reading →

Storytelling Imersivo Colaborativo: Time2Play no Second Life

Este trabalho apresenta um jogo educacional colaborativo, Time2Play, desenvolvido no ambiente virtual 3D do Second Life, que possibilita a criação e encenação de histórias colaborativamente, contribuindo assim com uma nova forma de expressão entre as diferentes linguagens utilizadas na Educação. Este jogo foi projetado para possibilitar que crianças na faixa etária de 9 a 12… Continue reading →