Exhibitions and Demos

Beauty Technology applications were exhibited in different conferences and fairs. The following list presents the exhibitions and demonstrations related to Beauty Technology applications.

–        Digital Revolution at the Barbican Center (UK, 2014). Project: Kinisi.

–        Wearable Futures (UK, 2013). Project Twinkle Nails.

–        Women 2.0. Fashion Show (USA, 2013). Projects: AquaDJing, Superhero.

–        UIST’13, 26th ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology. Student Contest (Scotland, 2013). Project: AquaDJing.

–        Maker Faire Bay Area (USA, 2013). Projects: Superhero, Twinkle Nails.

–        Mostra PUC (Brazil, 2013). Project: Twinkle Nails.

–        TEI’13, 7th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction. Design Challenge (Spain, 2013). Project: Superhero.

–        Conversatorio Fundación Telefónica. Arte y Estética en Wearable Computers (Peru, 2013). Projects: Arcana, Gimmickiano, AquaDJing.

–        Sydney VIVID festival. Haptic Interface Pop-Up exhibition (Australia, 2013). Project Blinklifier.

–        Asian Premiere of Multimedia Art: New York Paris Hong Kong Change your Perception (Hong Kong, 2013). Project Blinklifier.

–        JMGA 15th Biennial Conference Participation + Exchange. Participate Exhibition. (Australia, 2012). Project Blinklifier.

–        Haptic Interface Exhibition (Hong Kong, 2012). Project Blinklifier.

–        Beyond Wearable (China, 2012). Project Blinklifier.

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