Enacting Collaboration via Storytelling in Second Life

This work presents a collaborative educational game,Time2Play, developed in Second Life, which allows t
he creation ofstories in a collaborative fashion, offering a new form of expression in education. This game is projected for children from7 to 12 years old,enabling them to express their creativity and imagination by creating andenacting stories of their own. The proposed game can become a resource for implementing collaborative projects in school activities.
Collaborative Learning, 3D Collaborative Virtual Environments, Storytelling, Second Life.

Pereira, A.; Vega, K.; Filippo, D.; David, V.; Raposo, A.; Fuks, H.

Enacting Collaboration via Storytelling in Second Life.

CRIWG 2009, 15th Collaboration Researchers? International Workshop on Groupware, Portugal, September 2009. Lecture Notes on Computer Science LNCS 5784, Springer-Verlag, ISSN 0302-9743, pp. 319-327.

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