Blinklifier: The power of feedback loops for amplifying expressions through bodily worn objects.

The main motivation of this research is to gain a better understanding of the power of feedback loops by finding the zone somewhere between passively offering information and aggressively pumping out data that gets ignored along with all the other media noise. The answer we believe lies in creating compelling, aesthetic solutions that appeal to our senses and fuse seamlessly with our everyday lives. This poster discusses the power of feedback loops in environments where human and wearable computers are intertwined and explores their application as tools for self-modification and sustainable change. In order to explore feedback loops in these environments, we propose Blinklifier, a wearable computer that amplifies human blinking and minimizes the use of intrusive devices on the face such as heavy glasses and electromyography. Here we investigate the communication possibilities by exposing blinking through wearable computers.

Flanagan, P.J.; Vega, K.; Fuks, H.

Proceedings of APCHI 2012, The 10th Asia Pacific Conference on Computer Human Interaction , Volume 2, pp. 641-642. Matsue: , 2012. ISBN 978-4-9906562-0-1.


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