Co-designing Collaborative Museums using Ethnography and Co-creation Workshops

The paper presents a human centered approach to co-design of groupware and socialware for collaborative museums, using ethnography, co-creation workshops and Blank Model Prototyping. It discusses the concepts and processes of human centered design, participatory design, ethnography, concept generation and iterative prototyping – pointing their value to the support of group systems design, in comparison to other approaches. It also gives an overview of the state of the art of museums around the world. Next, it describes a case study conducted in a Brazilian Planetarium and Science Museum, highlighting details of the context, process and results. The intent was to implement a system for collaborative museums that supports an integrated user experience before, during and after the visit – through groupware, socialware and cross reality technologies – for continuous engagement, co-construction of knowledge, intergenerational interaction, multimodality, sharing of ideas, and emergence of mentorship networks.


Moura, H.; Cardador, D.; Vega, K.; Ugulino, W.; Barbato, M.; Fuks, H.

Co-designing Collaborative Museums using Ethnography and Co-creation Workshops.

Proceedings of VIII SimpĆ³sio Brasileiro de Sistemas Colaborativos (SBSC 2011) , pp. 152-159. Paraty, RJ: ACM, 2011. ISBN 978-85-7669-254-6.

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