Mapeo de los Procesos de RUP respecto a MoProSoft

In the previous decades, quality has been a topic of interest in the diverse fields for the human work. The computer topics have not been the exception and diverse models have been developed thus it has been necessary to establish certain correspondences between their elements to know that aspects cover each one and if these are equivalent or different. Mappings have been developed for process models and process quality with the main focus on discovering which model aspects are contained into the other one, so that businesses can use them as a guide for the strategies of introduction of these models. This work presents the process mapping between Rational Unified Process and MoProSoft Operation Category.

Katia Canepa Vega, Abraham Dávila

Mapeo de los Procesos de RUP respecto a MoProSoft.

VII Jornada Iberoamericana de Ingeniería de Software e Ingeniería del Conocimiento (JIISIC 2008). Guayaquil, Ecuador. Enero 2008.


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